Special Segments

Utah Public Radio collaborates with several local organizations to bring you these short segments every week.

Beehive Archive
Sponsored by the Utah Humanities Council, The Beehive Archive brings together engaging stories that illuminate Utah's rich past, exploring the diverse stories—religious, ethnic, regional, social, and cultural—that make up our state’s history. You can listen to episodes of the Beehive Archive at their website.

Wild About Utah
Wild About Utah is a weekly nature series produced by Utah Public Radio in cooperation with Stokes Nature Center, Bridgerland Audubon Society, and the USU College of Natural Resources. Listen as we describe the wonders of nature in Utah: plants, animals, geologic formations; ancient, present; terrestrial, avian and aquatic. You can listen to episodes of Wild About Utah at their website.

Contemporary Western Women
Airing weekly on Access Utah, the Contemporary Western Women project features personal stories of strength, hope, and humor told by contemporary women in the West or from the West.

Four-Minute Memoirs
Utah State University intensive writing course students write and produce these short works of nonfiction for UPR listeners.

Melinda's Garden Moments

Three times a week, we bring you Melinda’s Garden Moment audio tips, designed to help you be as successful as possible in the garden.


Contemporary Western Women
5:08 pm
Fri January 13, 2012

Claudia and Don Proffit

Claudia and Don Proffit are lifelong ranchers. The tell the story of the 1983 - 1984 floods that prevented them from getting to their cattle on Antelope Island and the lengths they went through to take care of their animals in these extreme circumstances.