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UPR is a partner of the Public Insight Network®. As a partner, we actively seek people living in our area to be sources in the network in the interest of providing relevant, compelling and insightful journalism.

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How do the oil and gas industries in Utah affect you?

Oil and gas industries have been rising in the United States. Employment in the oil and gas industry has increased by 40 percent in the past seven years. That has led to dramatic growth in many regions around the country. Duchesne County in Utah, for example, is the second fastest growing county (compared to counties of similar size) in the United States. Utah Public Radio wants to hear about how you're experiencing the boom in your part of the country.

Has it affected your community positively or negatively? Do you or someone you know commute long distances for oil or gas jobs? Are you noticing more people coming to your town?


What does your address say about you?

Did losing a job have an impact on where you live? How does the "greenness" of your home speak to your values? Would someone from your past be surprised by your current living conditions? How does your home reflect (or not reflect) who you are? What problems do you struggle with? Are these issues reflected in or created by where you live?

Utah Public Radio is collecting Utahns' stories about how our living situations define us for a series called "My Address Is..."  The series will focus on how different lifestyles reflect Utahns. Your stories and insight can help shape the content.


What do you know about....genealogy?

Are you interested in learning about your genealogy and researching your family's history? Have you already traced your lineage back hundreds of years? Share your experiences with UPR. Genealogy has become the second most popular hobby in the United States. Have you already delved into your family's past, or has the hype made you curious to try?


Credit Summerfest Arts Faire

What do you know

At our Sounds of Summerfest booth in Logan, we asked artists and art-lovers to share their stories about art in Utah: making art, enjoying art, buying art, destroying art. Tell us about your relationship to art. Are you an artists? An art collector? An art hater? Join our Public Insight Network and we'll call on you when we want to get the real story about art in Utah.


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Having a bad air day? Tell us about it.

What exactly does it feel like to live with air pollution? We're asking Cache Valley residents to talk to us about the experience of a Red Air day. How does it affect you? Does it affect you? How do you know it's a Red Air day? Are you keeping track? We are just emerging from a record-breaking winter when it comes to air pollution and we want you to tell us your winter inversion stories. We'll use your stories to report on effects of air pollution on public health in our community.


Read our Bad Air stories.

What you can expect by joining UPR's Public Insight Network:

  • CONTACT: You'll get an e-mail every once in awhile from Utah Public Radio asking for your insight on issues we plan to cover. You can respond, or not. Or you can forward to a friend with relevant experience on the topic.
  • MORE CONTACT: Occasionally we'll give you a call or e-mail to get more information.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: We won't quote you on the radio or the web without your permission.
  • GOOD LISTENERS: You'll enjoy an open line  to tell us what's important to you, your family and your community. We're listening!
  • SECURITY: The information you provide is securely stored.
  • FAME & GLORY: You may be asked to help with national stories through American Public Media. Your participation will inform other public radio  newsrooms or well-known programs such as Marketplace. All these programs will abide by the same rules for contacting you that we use.
  • NO SPAM: Your contact information will never be used for marketing or requests for money. Ever. Even during pledge drive!
  • FREEDOM: You can quit the Network any time you want.
  • MATURITY: You must be at least 13 years old to join.